Where do I Start?

More and more gyms and dance studios are offering pole dancing classes as a creative way to get fit. See the 'Schools Map' to find your nearest pole-dancing studio. If you are not near enough to a pole studio then you can even buy a pole to install at home and teach yourself using video tutorials. Then on occassion travel to a pole workshop every now and then. See the 'Workshops' section to get information about upcoming workshops.

What equipment do I need?

For your first class you should simply wear fairly short shorts and a vest type t-shirt. In colder weather people wear a tracksuit over the shorts and pell off layers after the warm up part of the class. You can go barefoot or wear runners. If you are going to wear runners go for a comfy flexible runner. As you progress you may need to be barefoot for challenging moves or you may wear heels as part of a dance costume. As you improve and try more challenging moves you might wear a crop top in order to expose more skin to grip the pole. Also a loose vest top that you can hike up for these move is sufficient if you are not comfortable wearing a crop top. Most dancers use a grip-aid such as Dry-Hands or Mighty Grip to help them get into moves. You don't need this for your first few classes. Ask your teacher what she recommends or sample other peoples grip aids before you decide on what one will suit you.

If you want to pole dance in the comfort of your own home, then you should get a free-standing pole that you can install in your home after carefully following the instructions. The pole should be completely fitted to your ceiling and floor and should be secured in a place that gives you lots of space to move around. It is great to have a pole to practise on at home and you will improve a lot faster if you do even a short practise session on your pole a few times a week.

How much does it cost? How long will it take to learn?

The great thing about pole dancing as an exercise form is that it is inexpensive. Pole classes are on average about 10EUR per class and the equipment needed is minimal. You will likely have attend your class once a week and once you have your own pole at home, practise 3-5 times a week.

What should I expect to gain from joining a pole studio?

When you join a pole studio you should immediately feel the loving accepting and fun vibe of the Pole Dance Community. People who dance and especially pole dance tend to be quirky, creative and openminded people. Your pole dancing class should be a comfortable place for you to learn fun dance moves, make friends and generally have fun. If it is not like this, try another dance studio.