Pole Theatre - 24/06/17 - Dublin, Ireland.

Host: Pole Theatre Ireland & UK

Open to all competitors, national and international, male and female, singles, doubles & groups, Pole Theatre is more than a pole competition. Pole Theatre is an opportunity for pole performers to display their many and varied talents, in the creation of a visual spectacular to thrill and inspire their audience.

The focus of this competition is on the art of performance. Performers are encouraged to delve deep into their creative consciousness and envision a performance that will astonish and delight. Competitors must nominate one category that they wish to enter. An winner will be announced in each category, and an overall winner will also be announced. There are four categories in the competition:

Pole Art ~
Pole Comedy ~
Pole Drama ~
Pole Classique ~

Pole Theatre Ireland 2017. Held on the 10th June 2017 in Dublin in The Button Factory, Temple Bar. Applications are age 18 and over for Classique Category and age 16 and over for ART, Comedy and Drama Category. You can enter individual, double or group. You can select more than one category to enter., however, you must pay an entry fee for each entry. 30 euro application fee must be paid in advanced and entry fee plus application form with associated entry video must be submitted by midnight on 20th Feb 2017. Any queries at all about the procedure please email poletheatreuk@gmail.com. Application forms are available from the link below.