Pole Theatre 2016 - 16/04/2016

Pole Theater Ireland was bigger and better than ever before. Performers and spectators alike were impressed with the new venue - The Button Factory, Dublin. There was a superb stage with a trust pole system and backdrop screen.

Pole Theater Ireland is part of the Pole Theater World franchise. Pole Theater is one of the 1st competitions across the world to allow all forms of Pole in one competition. Separated into Pole Art, Pole Drama, Pole Comedy and Pole Classique, Pole Theater allows you to tell your story and create a master piece on stage. The only limits are those of the performers' imaginations, and the physical limits of the venue. Points are awarded for creative and effective use of costuming, props, setting, music, sounds, and anything else the performer sees fit to weave into their creation. Pole Theater is a competition that encourages creativity and expression. Competitors can incorporate elements from any performance art they choose. Judges for the evening were Tiff Finney, Scarlet Ashton, Leisha Perry and El Fagen. Terri Fierce and Lisette Krol gave a guest performance and Katherine White was compere.

Marcin Miller had a clear overall win with his drama piece based on his story - 'Coming out is always difficult, it was even more so for me in Poland, a country which is widely accepting of homosexuality.' The video below is a must - watch. It has all the components of a great dance, difficult moves well executed, drama, perfect timing and a meaningful story-line.

Another overall winner was Lila Anas whose theme was the important issue of Human Trafficking. She researched this subject extensively while training and preparing her choreo. She also uses the stage backdrop throughout. Please watch video linked below.

All Winners Were As Follows:

Amateur Winners
Pole Art - Beginner/ Inter - Marie Pricilla
Pole Art - Advanced / instructor - Ariel Edesess

Pole Comedy - Beginner / Inter - Mich Piazza
Pole Comedy - Advanced / Instructor - Danielle Reck

Pole Drama - Beginner / Inter - Alina Kazakova
Pole Drama - Advanced / Instructor - Laura Hatchell

Pole Classique - Beginner / Inter Jennifer Coughlan
Pole Classique - Advanced / Instructor - Caroline Kindregan

Semi Professional
Pole Art - Angeliki Anastasopoulou
Pole Drama - Amaryllis Nightwish
Pole Classique - Lilli Daschle

Pole Art - Britt Bloem
Pole Comedy - Andrea & Stevie
Pole Drama - Marcin Miller
Pole Classique - Lea roth

Amateur - Laura Hatchell
Semi Pro- Angeliki Anastasopoulou
Professional - Marcin Miller

Overall winners receive automatic entry into Pole Theater World on the 15th October 2016 in Prague. All category winners may send an application.

Quotes From Facebook:

Katherine White - Compere

Well I'm a bit late to the game on the status update as its been a long couple of days. Pole Theater Ireland was brilliant last night, the new venue perfect (holla to the lighting/music guys, not a SINGLE mistake for 35+ performers!), the truss and proper performance poles for the first time, the costumes, the drama (Oh the DRAMA), the themes, and of course the sexy, funny, sad, spine tingling, hair raising, mind bending performers. Seriously guys you all rocked the stage, I almost (almost) wish I was in the audience enjoying the show, but then sure I wouldn't have been able to wear *that* compere outfit (still can't feel a couple of my toes, but I didn't fall over once).

Congratulations to everyone who took to the stage - whether or not you won, remember it is a very VERY small percentage of people who not only work up the courage to step on it, but are also ready to dedicate the time (oh so so much time) to preparing a performance. If you are one of those few, you should be very, very proud. Period.

To my special students Grace and Jen - you could have done roly polys around the stage, fallen over, forgotten your routine, made resting bitch faces at the judges, and I'd still be so proud of all of the work you put in, and how far you've come. You are dancers in your own right now, and are not just the sum of the moves that I've taught you over the years.

Stacey - you are a competition machine. You could seriously sell your planning and forethought as a template book on 'Pole Competition Management for Dummies'. Caroline - none of this would have happened if you hadn't started running competitions all those years ago - thank you for being a pioneer in our burgeoning little pole community.

Marcin, Sinead, Andrea, Laura, Caroline, Alina, Joanna - amazing job all of you. Marcin - how you manage to give me tingles with every performance is a fucking gift, well deserved win and I'll be booking my tickets to Prague asap.

Tiff, Scarlett, Leisha and El, I have heard nothing but good things about the feedback you gave to each performer. Thank you for spending that bit of extra time on them, it means the world to take great advice back into a training plan.

Lisette - Thank you for providing a home in Tribe, we have a fab little community of our own with an incredibly positive, uplifting and supportive vibe.

And finally, to the two people that brought Pole Theater into the world- Shimmy and Maddie - not only is it brilliant, but your competition has had a ripple effect on up-leveling pole performances around the world. Thank you.

Stevie Hilton - Competitor From UK & Winner Of Comedy Section

Wow! What a weekend! Absolutely amazing time this weekend at Pole Theatre Ireland! Thank you Stacey Snedden for hosting such a great comp! It was so much fun putting that routine together and we are so glad it worked so well and was so well received!
Thank you Daniel Rosen for all your help and input with this routine, we couldn't have done it without you *cries*!
Thank you to Terri and Lisette for letting us be them for the night (If you ever need us to stand in for any comps or appearances for you we are more than happy to attend... At a price)
Thank you to all of our props and Michael for helping us out! Was such a great weekend of meeting new people and just having the best time!!! (And Katie Christopher for always coming to support us!!)
Marcin you have been amazing to us this weekend thank you so much for looking after us and making us breakfast (and providing us with wine) I have so many fun memories from this weekend which I will never forget! YAY FOR POLE THEATRE!

Laura Hatchell - One Of The Overall Winners

***Warning emotional status alert***
Completely amazed to say that not only did I have the pleasure last night of placing first in the amateur drama category of Pole Theatre Ireland but I also won the overall amateur category!!! To say I struggled with this one would be an understatement and it didn't by any means end up perfect but I finally got the chance to bring together what have been 2 very big parts of my life - pole and martial arts - and I'm so glad that people enjoyed it. I owe a huge amount of thanks to the amazing Terri Fierce and Michael Donohoe who at times had to drag me (kicking and screaming) through mental blocks and also gave me the unforgettable opportunity to train with a real life Shaolin monk, love you guys to bits! It was a pleasure sharing the stage with such fantastic competitors and a huge congrats to DawDawn Walshd NaoNaomi Walsho I believe killed it on their first outing, can't wait to see your routine!! Thank you so much to everyone to everyone that came to support us the atmosphere was amazing, and an especially big thanks to IanIan Scullyo has not only put up with my stressing for months but is always there to support me (as boring as he finds these half naked chicks swinging around poles to be). Huge thanks to the judges for such lovely comments and advice and to everyone that made the comp possible. I think I can happily say I have earned some relaxing time and I'm looking forward to every minute of it!
P.s Before anyone asks, no I will not be thanking God on this occasion as if he was any use he'd have made it easier to get through that routine without thinking I was going to die.