World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 2016 - 16/09/2016

Congratulations to Ireland's Terri Fierce & Lisette Krol for placing 3rd in the doubles category of this competition. They also won the award for 'BEST TRICKS'. Also representing Ireland was Michael Donohoe who placed fourth in a very strong field of male solo acts. Michael also won the award for 'BEST COSTUME'. His exceptional costume was created by Fionnuala Bourke of Fi Bourke Design...

The 8th Annual World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships event was held this year in Bucharest, Romaina. It was held on September 16th in the 'Palatul National Al Copiilor' Theatre.

The World Pole Sport & Fitness Championship brings together over 26 Countries from 5 Continents in a showcase event featuring the World's best pole performers and athletes. The World Pole Sport Championships are about demonstrating sheer physical strength, skill and stamina and individually choreographed routines to inspire and educate because education through these events is the key to bringing pole sport into everyday fitness for millions of new people every year across the World.
For full details of this event see their webite or facebook

This year the Event was organised in Romania with the help of Nadia Budurusi. Nadia ensured that the event was a success but was unfortunately faced with huge obstacles to overcome in order to do this. Thankyou Nadia from the Irish Pole Community for taking on the law in your country and fighting for the rights of Pole Dancers all over the world. Please read Nadia's quote at the end for details.

World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness Championships 16th September 2016

Males Category
Maximum score from 5 judges - 175

1st Place - Ke Hong - CHINA - 158.5
2nd Place - Dimitry Politov - RUSSIA - 154
3rd Place Ricardo Jesus Bustos Valenzuela - CHILE - 145

Other Finalists
Michael Donohoe - IRELAND -121
Dave Skda - POLAND - 118
Gabriele Gerphelli - ITALY - 112.5

Best Tricks - Dimitry Politov - Russia
Best Entertainer - Ricardo Jesus Bustos Valenzuela - CHILE
Best Costume - Michael Donohoe - IRELAND

Doubles Category
1st Place - Yvette Dusol & Jade Tinkler - UK - 159.5
2nd Place - He Bi & Fang Yi - CHINA - 146
3rd Place - Terri Fierce & Lisette Krol - IRELAND - 144.5
3rd Place - Maila Lazzarin & Jessica Bassan - ITALY - 144.5

Other Finalists
Virginia Fernanda Gonzalez & Daniela Natalia Schmoll - ARGENTINA - 131.5
Valeria poklonskaya & Yuriy Kazachkin - RUSSIA - 127.5
Ana Laura Ruzicka & Ana Sofia Bigliardo - ARGENTINA - 113

Best Tricks - Terri Fierce & Lisette Krol - IRELAND
Best Entertainer - He Bi & Ling Min - CHINA
Best Costume - Yvette Dusol & Jade Marissa Tinkler - UK

Females Category
1st Place - Natalia Tatarintseva - UKRAINE - 166.5
2nd Place - Olena Minina - UKRAINE - 160
3rd Place - Natalie Meshcheriakova / RUSSIA - 159.5

Best Tricks - Maria Julia Aguiar - ARGENTINA
Best Entertainer - Tan Xiuxiu - CHINA
Best Costume - Nadia Budurusi - ROMANIA

Other Finalists
Nadia Budurusi - ROMANIA - 122
Julie Frota - BRAZIL - 119
Maria Julia Aguiar - ARGENTINA - 157.5
Manyi Deak - HUNGARY - 117.5
Giada Accorti - ITALY - 122
Angelica Jupiter - ITALY - 138
Zhou Yixun - CHINA - 124
Chen Dandan - CHINA - 145
Tan Xiuxiu - CHINA - 144.5
Jessica Bassan - ITALY - 134.5


Lisette Krol feeling like we need a drink with Terri Fierce and Fionnuala Bourke at Palatul National al Copiilor.
16 September at 17:29 Bucharest, Romania

Ahhhh we are happy that we competed again at World Pole Dance Sport and Fitness! We made 3rd Place this year and won Best Tricks!! Our routine didn't go according to plan but we take the good with the bad, and we hope to make you guys proud in the future with more bad-ass Doubles! Congrats to all competitors and winners - You guys killed it!!

Michael Donohoe with Terri Fierce and 6 others at Fierce Fitness Dance Studio.
19 September at 14:30 Maynooth

Wow! What an incredible weekend - I placed 4th at the World Pole Sport and Fitness Championships in Bucharest!! I was honoured to share the stage with these legends and though I'm not 100% happy with my routine, I know these things happen and I will learn, move on and train harder than ever! I'm ready to get back into Fierce and get creating again! Thank you to everyone for all the support and thank you Terri Fierce for being my biggest motivation and cheerleader - I love you x

Nadia Budurusi with Dawid Skowronek and 5 others.
23 September at 09:46 Bucharest, Romania

I'm sorry for not sending this message out sooner but immediately after our great experience with World Pole Sport and Fitness Championship 2016, I had to deal with the disturbing situation created by several local associations that have accused me of "distroying the innocence of children and setting the foundations for child prostitution through pole dance" . During our efforts to organize in Romania the first national and the first international competition for pole sport, dance and fitness atheletes, I also constantly had to respond to such accusations and even give official statements to the police and respond live on television clarifying what pole sport is and the level of performance it has achieved. Even though I went live to say that the world pole championship has no category for children, they still sent the police over, tried to cancel our event and harassed our audience and organizers.
I regret that, instead of being 100% there for you, for jury and competitors as an organizer, I found myself running between rehearsals, the police, the office, again the office and police and my lawyer. With this regret in my heart and with my 5 months baby in my belly, and went on the stage to compete for my country, a country where this offense was condoned.
I am immensely grateful to all those who have accepted to come to Romania and help me write history together - Kay Penney, the entire Pole Passion team and all the members of the jury who have been so understanding and truly supporting this sport we all love and want to see grow. I want to thank all the athletes who have proven their talent and height of performance.It was a great honor to have you on our stage, in Romania.
I've been an acrobat since childhood and a year and a half ago I decided to bring this sport to Romania. My dream has come true and it wouldn't have been possible without my soul team and all those that have been close to us these past two weeks. THANK YOU!