TAIPDC 2016 - 24/09/2016

The All Ireland Pole Dancing Championships was held last Saturday 24th September in Mandela Hall, Queens, Belfast. This is Ireland's biggest pole dancing competition held annually. Each year the competition grows in number of competitors and spectators alike. Year on year the skill level of the competitors becomes more competitive.

The amazing guest performers on the night were Terri & Lisette, Michael donoghue, Katherine white, Tribe Hoop Dancers, Leanne Cummins and Debbie Magennis.

Judges on the night were Andrea Ryff who discovered pole 6 1/2yrs ago and in 2012 opened Achieve Pole Studio in Sydney. She won the Australian Pole Championships professional division in 2014 and shortly after that earned her 1st international title Pole Art Champion in Pole Theatre Sth Africa. She holds a number of titles in Australia, represented Australia at the World Pole Sports Championships and most recently won Pole Art Champion at the International Pole Championships 2015.

KAY PENNY is the Chairwoman of The World Pole Dance Association, co-organising 2015's World Pole Sport & Fitness competition in Beijing, China & more recently the World Championships in Bucharest September 15th & 16th 2016. Kay is also the owner, founder and Managing Director of Pole Passion Ltd (www.polepassion.com), and is responsible for bringing pole to men and women as a pole art form and dance for fitness.

Craig Wilde. For over twenty years Craig has popped up on our TV screens, whether in his adopted home of Scotland, or more recently on live Bingo Tv Entertainment Channel 'Bingo Studio Live'. From guest appearances on BBC RADIO Scotland, Lanarkshire TV & STV, to being the focus of Documentaries such as THIS SCOTLAND: 'OUT IN SCOTLAND' (Square Go Productions/STV) and 'CLUB NAKED @ FRUITFLY' (LTV), Rapture Tv and MTV Dance - Craig has never been shy of the Camera! Today he combines Tv Presenting, with Managing the Global Voice Over Agency Qvox, and voicing everything from Video Games to Cartoon series and Tv Documentaries.

Daniel Rosen is the very proud owner of IFA Pole and Aerial in Hemel Hempstead and has been turning himself upside down and spinning round a pole since 2008.As the current holder of one international and 12 UK championship titles, Dan is a veritable fountain of pole-related knowledge.

Judging Criteria

Technical (Max 20)
- Routine - range of tricks, transitions and floor moves
- Technical Ability of Tricks - difficulty and control of tricks performed

Artistic (Max 20)
- Musicality, timing and flow - Musical interpretation, rhythm and flow of routine throughout.

Presentation (Max 10)
- Personality - the manner, enthusiasm and general character of the participant
- Presence - how they engage the audience and judges
- Originality - level of individuality compared to other participants
- Costume - look and suitability of the outfit with routine

The All Ireland Pole Dance Competition 2016 1st, 2nd & 3rd places

Haelee Reis
Alexandra Basa
Sarah O'Reilly

Aidan cairns
Gary cairns
Liam O'Neill

Dawn & Naomi Walsh
Gary cairns & Kelly O'Neill
Carly Magill & Hanna Radzey

Over 40
Deirdre Cairns
Hazel Scorer
Mich Piazza

Lauren Hamilton
Ania Vinogardoina
Saruul Altantuya

Quotes From Facebook:

Aidan Cairns
WHAT A FUCKING NIGHT???????????? Still completely buzzing from it!! Congrats to everyone that got up on that stage last night, the standard of pole there was just unbelievable! Placed 1st in the men's category... Still hasn't sunk in yet in complete shock?? I legit could not be more proud of my barbells family, Kelly O'Neill Edwina Elizabeth Deirdre Cairns Gary Cairns Magz O'Neill Liam O'Neill Kathy Collins and Trisha, HOLY SHIT! Yous were so awesome!!! And the rest of Barbells who came a blew the roof off the place at every opportunity that came up, made it so much easier to get up on that stage the buzz I got off you lot was insane could not have done it without yous?? Lastly, huge thank you to Donna Campbell for the mental face paint and for having me in tears of laughter before I got up on the stage you legend!!! Think a Barbells night out is needed to celebrate?

Alex Basa
So I came 2nd at The All Ireland Pole Championship Professional Category. ?? Guys what an amazing team! Thank You Lisette Krol Marcin Miller Katherine White helping this routine in such short notice. Congrats to my badass sexy bewbies Haelee Reis for your win, for Sarah Fierce-Dublin , 'twaz super hard to take the stage after such legend, to Deirdre Cairns Gary Cairns Aidan Cairns from a real mutha to another: fantastic boys - and girls, the love and chemistry you guys have for one another is admirable and uplifting, well deserved win to you all. Thank you El Fegan for putting this together, to Catriona Trena Murphy for the fun night. Andrea D Alonso for your support and to my girls who came and cheered us all and partied with us all night. APolly Naria you cracked me up no end! The hoopers.... What a show! ?? Fionnuala Bourke for the costume: ???? still love it! ?? Overall everyone who performed and competed, judged, cleaned the poles ??, djs, video.... ?? Next year over 40's? ?? who knows.

Mich Piazza
Last night was such a whirlwind! An honour to share the stage with so many talented polers in The All Ireland Pole Dance Competition! So happy and proud of Team Fierce and our three bronze medals in our respective categories, and Dawn and Naomi for winning doubles! Thank you to Sarah and Saruul for all their support and keeping me going despite the number of times I wanted to drop out and said I couldn't do it, to Terri and Michael for all the trainings in Maynooth (and Terri for the fab makeup!), Fionnuala for the super comfy and absolutely perfect costume and Leanne for the endless help and advice and for just generally being the inspiration (and great friend!) that she is!??????xxx