Pole Princess 2015 - 28/11/15

The Pole Princess Competition took place last Saturday November 28th in The Sugar Club in Dublin City. A sell out show which featured some jaw dropping performances. There were 41 contestants from intermediate, advanced, doubles and professional pole, intermediate and advanced aerial hoop.

There were some generous prizes to be won in this competition. The main winner from each section received tiara, sash, cert, medal, and either a pole from xpole or hoop from xpole, A voucher from sponsor Dragonfly, Pole Dance Ireland cotton bag and a voucher from Fi Bourke Design. 2nd and 3rd place winners received a sash, medal, cert, Pole Dance Ireland cotton bag, over the knee socks, voucher from Fi Bourke Design and handy notebooks!


Judges for the competition were Stacey Sneeden from Xpole and owner of Hert Dance And Fitness, El Fagan who is a regconised Pole Sports federation Judge & Arlene Caffrey Previous All Ireland Pole Dance Champion and owner of Irish Pole Dance Academy and final judge for pole 8th in the world and Mr Pole Fitness 2015 Michael Donohoe. With added judge for hoop Claire Maire Murry qualified hoop instructor and performer.

Intermediate Pole
1. Amy Nolan
2. Racheal Tiedt
3. Ariel Edesess
4. Saural Altantuya
5. Laura Smith
6. Danielle Reck
7. Mich Piazza
8. Jenna Maloney
9. Eve Woods

Advanced Pole
1. Ludwika Balinska
2. Rebecca Murphy
3. Andrea Alonso
4. Laura Connolly
5. Susan Martin
6. Sara Bravo
7. Caroline Kindregan

Professional Pole
1. Iuile ni Fhraine
2. Caitriona Mc Donnell
3. Nawel Mameche
4. Stacy Spkyes
5. Mary Davis
6. Sinead Doran
7. Lisa Byrne

Michael Donohoe
Arlene Caffrey

Intermediate Hoop
1. Hanna Callan
2. Ciara Tallant
3. Polina Shapking
4. Aoife O Conner
5. Aoife de Burca
6. Erika Brocca
7. Oksana Hooks
8. Emma Butt
9. Laura Connolly

Doubles Hoop
1. Hanna Callan & Sarah Luna

Adv / Professional Hoop
1. Leila Pederson
2. Kate Finegan
3. Alexa Zimmerman
4. Kelly Thornthon
5. Keava Tranor
6. Darren Donnelly

Intermediate Pole
1.Much piazza
2.Saruul altantuya
3.Danielle reck

Advanced Pole:
1.Rebecca Murphy
2.Susan Martin
3.Ludwika balinska

Proffesional Pole
1.Nawel mameche
2.Sinead doran
3.Lisa Byrne

Double Pole
1.Hanna callan & Sarah Luna
2.Emma White & seanin ward

Aerial Hoop Intermediate:
1.Polina shapking
3.Aoife Abu

Aerial Hoop Proffesional:
1.Darren donnolly
2.Leila pederson
3.Kate finnegan

Quotes From Facebook:

Sarah Fierce-Dublin (Owner And Instructor)

Well done to everybody who performed last night, Pole Princess 2015 was brilliant!! I especially want to mention my Fierce ladies who represented and who I couldn't be any prouder of! Amy, Saruul and Mich, you blew me away. Each of your routines were beautiful, strong and had so much personality, it was a pleasure to watch each of you do your thing up there and absolutely kill it! Nawel, I have no words to describe your performance except 'Pure badassery'! it's a pleasure to train with you and have you in the studio with us. All in all an extremely successful result for Fierce!! Mich Piazza-1st place Intermediate, Saruul Atlantuuya-2nd place Intermediate, Rebecca Muffy -1st place Advanced, and Nawel Mameche -1st place professional. PHEW! Well done to everyone!! Terri Fierce you were sorely missed but you were there with us through the medium of whatsapp hehe! Hope you all had a well deserved lazy Sunday X

Sinead Doran (Instructor At Tribe)

Wow, such an amazing night at Pole Princess last night! I was so shocked and grateful to come 2nd in professional category. All of the Tribe people,and other performers, wow I was blown away, you guys were phenomenal!! So proud of all of you. I cried through nearly all of your routines. Thanks Lisette, my amazing friend and teacher, I don't know what i'd do without you! Thanks for all your help. Shame you couldn't be there last night to see how well you have done with all of your students! and well done to the deserving winner Nawel Mameche, you were amazing.xx

Saruul Altantuya - (Student At Fierce)

A year ago I was only a spectator at this amazing event Pole Princess Ireland and Aerial Arts organised by the Pole Dance Ireland and who would have guessed that I would be taking part this year and even placing second in the intermediate category. It was my first ever public performance and it was such an amazing experience to be involved where all of the contestants are so supportive and encouraging of one another! I am so proud and happy for everyone who performed and it is a night I will never forget!Thank you so much to my instructor Sarah who has made this experience possible and Nawel for the continued support and guidance! Thank you!! Mich, Amy and Caroline it was so much fun training with you ladies, what a journey!! Anthony, thank you for editing my song and helping me with timing and musicality.A special thank you to my talented friend, Oyundari who designed and crafted my amazing cheetah costume and thanks to Noeleen who did my makeup!!! The performance on the night was only a small part of a journey which I have enjoyed since training session 1! Finally, thank you to everyone who came to support all the performers. Here is the video for my performance xxx