Terry & Lisette Place 2nd in IPC - 27/11/15

Three time World Champions, Terry Fierce and Lisette Krol placed second at the International Pole Championships. The Grand Final competition and expo was held on 27th November in The MacPherson Stadium in Hong Kong.

The International Pole Championship (IPC) is a competition organized by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) with the first held in 2008. Winners are credited solely for their dance skills, trick techniques and overall showmanship. Winners of national championships are granted entry to this championship. Undiscovered talents are encouraged to submit a video entry via the IPC website. All semi-finalists stand a chance to gain online votes and win the title Pole Idol, along with sponsorship to the Grand Finals. The International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) together with local partners runs the Championships and they are held in a different country each year.

The International Pole Championship includes five divisions:
Women - 10 Finalists
Men - 6 Finalists
Doubles - 6 Finalists
Disabled - 3 Finalists
Masters - 3 Finalists

For more information about this competition visit www.polechampionship.com.

IPC Results:
Ultimate Champion - Deb Roach

Pole Fit Champion - Joanna Derybowsk
Pole Art Champion - Andrea Ryff
Ultimate Champion - Joanna Johnson Littlewood

Pole Fit Champion - Keiko and Maki
Pole Art Champion - Terri and Lisette
Ultimate Champion - Kira and Evgeny

Pole Fit Champion - Filipe Mendoza
Pole Art Champion - Slava Ruza
Ultimate Champion - Er Bing Li

Pole Fit Champion - Bendy Kate
Pole Art Champion - Kristy Sellars
Ultimate Champion - Oona Kivela

Industry Awards:
Studio of the Year: Body and Pole, NY
Industry Award: Michelle Shimmy
Instructor of the Year: Natasha Wang
Performer of the Year: Kristy Sellars
Choreographer of the Year: Carlie Hunter
Pole Idol: Carlie Hunter