Marcin 2nd In UKPCC - 29/11/15

Marcin Miller of Tribe has placed second in the Professional Category in this years UK Professional Pole Championships.

The UK Professional Pole Championships (UKPPC) is the UK's biggest competition for professional pole athletes. The UKPPC was established by Kate Edwards and Varie Anderson of Spin City Aerial Fitness, with the aim of setting a new standard in UK pole competitions.

Three Categories - Two Rounds - Three Champions

Instructor - This category is open to all pole instructors who do not perform professionally.
Professional - This category is open to all pole dancers who have performed professionally but are not eligible for the Elite category.
Elite - This category is for the elite of UK and international pole dance and is open to dancers who have won, or been a runner up in, a professional pole competition 'of note' e.g. county, national, international competitions.

Round 1 - Video Heat
Date: 1 May - 14 August 2015 - The first round of UKPPC is conducted by video entry. Competitors in all categories must submit entries in this round via video link.

Round 2 - The Grand Final
Date: 29 November 2015 - Our Grand Final will feature all of the successful competitors from the Video Heats.

The UKPPC Judging Panel will be made up of six experienced professionals from the pole industry.

Instructor Category:
Winner: Claire Cotterill
Runner up: Anna Louise
Sponsors choice: Vania Noble

Professional Category:
Winner: Catherine Meadley
Runner up: Marcin Miller
Sponsors choice: Kassia Portas

Elite Category:
Winner: Charlotte Robertson
Runner up: Dan Rosen
Sponsors choice: Hannah Rose

Special Awards:
Best Tricks: Hannah Rose
Best Dance/Choreography: Lorna Walker
Best Entertainer: Dan Rosen
Best Flexibility: Jess Leanne Norris

FB Quote:
Marcin Miller feeling blessed with Sinead Doran and 4 others at Birmingham Airport.
30 November at 15:37 Birmingham, United Kingdom.

WTF !!! I came second in the professional category at UKPPC 2015 !!! I still can't believe it... to be in the final was like dream come true and I came 2nd YAAAY!!!! Lisette Krol feeling so greatfull to be your friend... Thank you so much for all hard work and for pushing me to work harder !!! This would not happened without you xxx Katherine White it was amazing 2 months of preparation for the UKPPC, thank you for being honest and helpful and for calm down me when I need it!!! I had Amazing weekend with you xxx I love you. Thank you to all my friends especially Sinead, Andrea, Alex for believing in me. Fionnuala Thank you much for the amazing costume xx Varie Thank you so much for great atmosphere... Such amazing competition!!! Well done !!! Thank you amazing juges !!! Congratulations to all competitors and winners... Especially Daniel Rosen and Charlotte Robertson !!! so happy for you 2 xxx
Hope to see you all next year.