Pole Dance Ireland Princess 2014 - 22/11/14

Sold Out! The Pole Dance Ireland Princess Competition running for it's 6th year in The Sugar Club - Leeson Street on Saturday November 22nd.

There were over 40 contestants from Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, Men's, Intermediate Aerial Hoop and Advanced Aerial Hoop.

Prizes: 1 winner from each section received a tiara, sash, cert, medal, and either a pole from xpole or hoop from xpole plus a goody bag from our sponsor Tribe Dance Studio.There were 2nd and 3rd prize winners this year, who will receive a sash, medal cert and Pole Dance Ireland T-shirt.

SPONSORS: XPOLE, THEPRINTSHOP.ES, Tribe Fitness Dance Studio & Fierce Fitness Dance Studio.

The judges for the show were Terri Fierce and Lisette Krol, two time World Double Pole Sports Champions, El Fagan who is a regconised Pole Sports Federation Judge and Arlene Caffrey, previous All Ireland Pole dance Champion and owner of The Irish Pole Dance Academy. Also, guest aerial hoop judge Claire Maire Murry, qualified hoop instructor and performer.

The show was opened by the fantastic amazing Tribe Acro Balance Crew !!!!
There were interval performances from Arlene Caffrey & the World Pole Champions Terri & Lisette.

*********What People had to say about Pole Princess********

"I may not have competed this year but I was only dying to go up and see everyone- also very happy to bring some of my own students up with me to get some inspiration Great night and fantastic talent x " >>>>>> Stacey Spykes - Spykes Pole Studio in Clonmel.

"Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, I am so tired, but last night was SO worth it! Well done to Nathania Herbert and her PoleDance Ireland team for organizing such a great pole event!! I didn't see all the performances last night but of the ones I did, the standard was so high!! Well done to ALL the competitors, performers, judges and everyone involved on the night!! I can't say it enough, I am SO proud of my girl, Erin (Sonny B Doyle), who went out there, did an amazing performance and went on to WIN the Advanced Category! She had me in tears during and after her beautiful routine;she was just amazing! We had so so many crazy nerve-fuelled chats and giggles (and pants sharing) throughout the day!! Love you EriFeri!Thank you so much to my wonderful and amazing students, who were able to come up to support Erin and me! You girls are so amazing and just the best little team of cheer leaders any pole Momma could ever ask for! Your lovely words and messages mean SO much to me!! You guys are the reason I put myself out there to perform! Can't thank y'all enough! Thanks to Fionnuala Bourke of Fi Bourke Designs for my amazing, fabulous costume!! I love it so much! Thank you to my student Amanda Dempsey from BeautybySarah Ferns for doing my nails for the competition! They're so purpley, I love them!I am so happy to be involved in such a fun and supportive industry! The lovely words and comments from people last night just made me feel so great after my performance! Even random strangers came up to me to say lovely things! It's fantastic for a girl's confidence! Pole Dance is AWESOME, PEOPLE!">>>>>>> Pole-Vision Gorey.

"Pole Dance Ireland Princess 2014... it was an amazing night...it was so much fun for me to performing last night... !'m so so so happy I WON !!! Congratulations to all competitors and winners !!! was so good to see you all. Lisette Krol Thank you so much for being such an amazing friend and instructor xxx Nathania Herbert Congratulations it was an amazing competition... can't wait for next year... well done xxx Come on, Do the locomotion with me..." >>>>>> Marcin Miller - Performer and Instructor at Tribe.

"What an awesome night at Pole Dance Princess 2014 and Aerial Arts. Well done Nathania!!! Congratulations for another awesome competition. I woke up thinking - WOW - i'm actually creating a beautiful, hard work and crazy Tribe! I love them - they are my best friend and my family! Congratulations, you guys were unreal! Super proud! xxx Libera Toselli made 2nd in the Advance and Golden Sun Kildare won best hair (hahha love it), Nawel Mameche made 1st in Pole Professional, Marcin Miller made 1st in Male Pole "Prince" or well yesterday she was a Princess (lol); Erika Brocca made 3rd, Helene Jean made 2nd and FiFi Firecracker made 1st in Intermediate Hoop; Leila Pedersen won best song in the entire competition (joking), Alexa van Zett made 3rd, Kate Finegan made 2nd and Darren Donnelly made 1st place at Aerial Hoop Professionals. Tribe Acro Team Laura Pittoni, Leanne Cummins, Erika Brocca, Monika Skwarek, Ilias Athanasiadis, and Ruben Jacomar Gonzalez Corujo - one of my favourite and fun shows to choreograph and they were amaaaazing! x TEAM TRIBE - ROCKS !!!" >>>>>> Lisette Krol - Performer and owner of Tribe.

"Omg!! What an amazing night packed with talent!! The standard of PoleDance Ireland Princess 2014 was through the ROOF!! Huge congratulations to our girls Amy, Aoife, Gwen, Laura and Anna - You guys rocked your routines and should be so proud of yourselves!! Nathania, you run an incredible competition and it's an honour to be a part of it every year! Huge love to you and thank you so much for my wine! (Yay!)" >>>>>> Terri Fierce - Performer and owner of Fierce Fitness.

"I'm so happy! Despite a major shoulder injury I made 3rd in the Irish Pole & Aerial Competition. Thanks so much to Keith Dempsey to work relentlessly on my shoulder to even make that possible. Also the biggest Thanks to Eamonn Mc Gill to transform me into this icy magic creature. Costume, Hair & Make up - sooooo fabulous! A true work of art! Of course all this would't be possible without the one and only mamacita Lisette Krol herself. Couldn't ask for more love & support than our Little Tribe. And not to forget special thanks to Nathania Herbert PoleDance Ireland for organising this fabulous event. Time to collapse now." >>>>>> Alexa van Zett - Performer.

"Wow what a night came first first in professional hoop I'm so happy!!! Firstly big thank u to my coach and friend Lisette for ur awesome support and kindness ur the best!!!!xxxx!!! To my amazing costume designer and make up artist Eamonn thank u for the putting this act together!!my one stage boyfriend lol Marcin thank u for ur lovely performance and congrats on ur win !!!to all the other performers congrats on ur performances tonight was ammmmmmmazing!!! And finally Nathania and PoleDance Ireland thank u for putting on this wonderful show every year xxxxx" >>>>>> Darren Donnelly - Performer and Instructor at Tribe.

"I had a fun evening judging and performing at the Pole Dance Ireland Princess Competition 2014; it makes me feel proud to be a part of this great pole dance community that we have here in Ireland and inspired by the creativity, talent and sportsmanship of the competitors and everyone involved in this year's event. Congrats to all of the winners! I'm excited for the next one, roll on 2015!" >>>>>> Arlene Caffrey - Performer and owner of The Irish Pole Dance Academy.

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