Pole Theatre Ireland 2015 - 18/04/15

Pole Theater Ireland ran it's third competition in Club 92, Leopardstown on Saturday 18th April 2015. Organized and run by Caroline Storey, the competition was more popular than ever and was a big success as usual. The Pole Theater Competition is open to all competitors, national and international, male and female, singles, doubles & groups. This year there were 90 video entries submitted and 40 competitors selected. There are four categories in the competition: Pole Art, Pole Comedy, Pole Drama and Pole Classique.This competition is neither tricks based nor dancing skills based. It challenges competitors to tell their story through the medium of pole dance using anything they can and in the most entertaining way. It makes for a spectacular show and allows each competitor to be as creative and imaginative as they want. Some of the performances on the night expressed meaningful stories personal to the performer, some purely imaginative and others hilarious. It was an amazing show. The key to winning was clean tricks well executed and a strong story line expressed through either acting and choreography.

Judges of the competition were Leah Rose, Tiff Finney and Stacey Sneddon of X-POLE and Herts Dance & Fitness. The official videographer on the night was Sinead Doran and photographer was Hannah McKeown.

Competitors List

Intermediate Amateurs:-
1. Claire Gargan & Amy Nolan/Drama
2. Fi Rooney/Comedy
3. Karen O'Donnell/Classique
5. Patricia Taylor/ Art
6. Elodie Witting/Classique
7. Hannah Ryan/Art
8. Danielle Reck/Drama
9. Lori Portzer/Classique
10. Olga Gladkovskaya/Art
11. Racheal Palmer/Classique

Advanced Amateurs:-
1. Holly Foy/Classique
2. Leah Aftab/Drama
3. Ella Lockhart/Classique
4. Joe Jbara /Comedy
5. Yvonne Jacob/Classique
6. Rebecca Murphy/Art
7. Ciara Woodbyrne/Comedy
8. Helena Donnelly/Classique
9. Aoife Shanley/Comedy

1. Leanne Cummins
2. Trena Kenny
3. Gary Cairns
4. Kathleen Doherty
5. Hazel Scorer & Lisa Price
6. Stacey Pyke
7. Sarah O'Reilly
8. Alex & Lena
9. Mary Davies
10. Rochelle Moore
11. Marcin Miller
12. Lisa Byrne

International Professionals:-
13. Allegra Bird
14. Mariana Charidou
15. Anna Gorynsztejn
16. Kathy Collins
17. Emily Tranchard

***WINNERS Intermediate Amateurs***
Winner Classique - Elodie Witting
Winner Drama - Danielle Reck
Winner Comedy - Fi Rooney
Winner Art - Olga Gladkovskaya
Overall Winner Intermediate Amateur - Danielle Reck

***WINNERS Advanced Amateurs***
Winner Classique - Holly Foy/Yvonne Jacob
Winner Drama - Leah Aftab
Winner Art - Rebecca Murphy
Winner Comedy - Ciara Woodbyrne
Overall Winner Advanced Amateur - Ciara Woodbyrne

***WINNERS Professionals***
Winner Classique - Trena Murphy
Winner Drama - Leanne Cummins
Winner Art - Marcin Miller
Winner Comedy - Gary Cairns
Winner Overall Winner - Marcin Miller

***WINNERS International Professionals***
Winner Classique Anna Gorynsztejn
Winner Drama Emily Tranchard
Winner Overall Winner Emily Tranchard

Some quotes from Facebook:

Girlfighter Portalanza - Competitor

'What a super amazing epic funfilled pole loving weekend! So much fun finding the stage again and rocking out with with such beautiful people!! Huge congrats to Marcin Miller taking home the Overall Pole Professional crown AND Pole Art. Simply in awe of you always.Big thanks to Lisette Krol for making training possible, studio time and for your constant support! To all the competitors who lit up the stage each in their own unique and creative way! To Fionnuala Bourke for an awesome kickass costume, And of course, Alexandra Alex Basa my Pole bro, complete opposite and better half!! Thank you for all your hard work, for making me look good and of course not letting me face plant Second eh? LOL! Much love and wet ones to you!!!Be seeing u all again very soon xxx'

Marcin Miller - Winner in Professional category, Instructor at Tribe

'So that happened last night...Wowww !!! I won Pole Theatre Ireland Pole Art and Overall Winner of Professional Category !!! I couldn't be happier... I am so proud of myself. Lisette Krol Thank You so much for sharing your talent with me, for all your support, for being an Amazing Friend !!! Love you. Kate and Kevin Thank you so so so much to be part of this... You both been amazing !!! You won also but the trophy is staying with me. Fionnuala Bourke Thank you for the amazing costume xxx Caroline Storey Congratulations !!! It was an amazing night xxx Katherine White amazing performance (my favourite of the night) and of course incredible hosting xxx The awsome juges Tiffany Finney- McRory, Stacey C Snedden, Leah Rose Clarke thank you so much xxx Alexandra Alex Basa, Girlfighter Portalanza, Sinead Doran thank you for you support.xxx Congratulation to all competitors and winners !!! See you all next year x'

Leanne Cummins - Winner in Professional Category, Instructor at Irish Pole Dancing Academy

'So I have finally somewhat recovered from the excitement of Pole Theatre Ireland on Saturday! I have about a million people to thank for my win in the Professional Drama category so here it goes:
Arlene, my amazingly inspirational boss teacher friend lady, thank you so much for all your help. I couldn't have done it without you and I can't for for the exciting times we have ahead! And all the IPDA ladies, those who competed on the night and were there to support, you are all so lovely and have a big pole future ahead of you! Special mention to my hardcore rehearsal buddies Yvonne, Fi, Aileen, and Kathleen!! I loved all your routines and I can't wait to see what you guys do next. I explored a fair few studios in preparation for this routine and met some amazing people - we really do have an incredible pole community out there and for this I am so grateful. Terri and Michael, you are all round beautiful people, that training session we had in yours was crazy! (Was in 6 handsprings on a pole?!) Your chats and support on the night helped calm me loads, love you guys. Sarah I loved the sessions in your studio with your lovely ladies, and your routine was so fierce and beautiful. Nawel and Claire-Marie, your fine-tuning and advice was so appreciated, I hope you liked the routine! And the PoleKix ladies too! Caroline I am eternally grateful for you giving us an opportunity to compete in such a well-run and exciting competition. And Katherine, your routine was just sex on legs and you are a great hostess.Megan you gave me the idea to use this song - I think it is still stuck in a few heads! Well done to all my fellow competitors, there was a great atmosphere backstage (Leah and Aoife I had such a laugh with you!), and thank you to everyone who came to support. Fi Bourke Design / Fionnuala Bourke, this was as much a showcase for your talent as for ours!! Your unbelievably amazing costumes shine onstage, thank you for bringing my idea to light and creating something way better than anything I had in my head! Finally, Dick, I couldn't have done this without you. You drove me all over Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare, you fed me, supported me, listened to me - I really hope I did you proud.
I know I have probably forgotten people. Competing at this event meant a lot to me, it renewed my love in pole and strengthened my faith in the community. I can't wait for what is next.'

Next years competition will be using 'trust'poles as opposed to free standing x-stages which is favorable to most dancers. Entry to Pole Theater 2016 will open on May 12th 2015.

The new venue is yet to be announced. The Pole Theater Ireland website: www.poletheatreireland.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PoleTheatreIreland.

See more videos at https://www.facebook.com/PoleTheatreIreland