World Pole Championships 2015 - 12/04/15

World Pole Championships - Beijing, China 2015

Terri Fierce And Lisette Krol have for the THIRD TIME running claimed first prize as World doubles Champions at the World Pole Championships held in Beijing, China on the 12th April. World Pole Dance has crowned 11 World Champions with female, male and doubles World Champions making the title 'World Pole Dance Champion' the most prestigious in the industry. The event together over 26 Countries from 5 Continents in a showcase event featuring the World's best pole performers and athletes. The World Pole Sport Championships are about demonstrating sheer physical strength, skill and stamina and individually choreographed routines. The event was hosted by China Pole Dance and Pole Passion UK. About 50 women and men from 14 countries, including the UK, Russia, Argentina, Ukraine, Chile, Philippines and host China, participated in this year's competition. Pole dancing is becoming increasingly popular in China. Event organizers say there are more than 100,000 people practicing pole dancing in hundreds of fitness studios and training schools across the country. In conjunction with the event a 4 day International Pole Sport & Fitness Instructor training course was offered. See their website or Facebook page:

The competition schedule ran as follows:

Female Semi Finals: 11th April 2015 9am - 6pm
Female Awards: 11th April 2015 7pm - 9pm
FINALS: 12th April 2015 Featuring Men's / Doubles / Females Championship

It was held in the Tianqiao Theatre, Beijing. The Tianqiao Theatre was built in 1953. In over 50 years, the theatre has hosted numerous performances of the world's top artists. The theatre has advanced stage lighting, sound and stage machinery/equipment, and has automated systems, security monitoring and a comfortable lounge seating room and balcony. It is one of the most luxurious Performance Theatre in Beijing.


Yifan Meng - CHINA
Donna Gant - UK
Bendy Kate - UK
Elena Artamonova - RUSSIA
Yuliya Stecher - UKRAINE
Reiko Suemune - JAPAN


Kay Penney - UK - Chairwoman & Event Co-Organiser
Fing Yuan - China - Event Co-Organiser
Sisi Zheng - UK - Competitor Co-Ordinator & Translator
Sue Thompson - UK - Competitor Co-Ordinator & Adjudicator
Steve Penney - UK - Media Organiser & Adjudicator
Geoff Pegler - Switzerland - Official Photographer

Entry to this event is reserved to winners in national pole competitions by video entry. The criteria was as follows:

Males - Professional category winners and runner ups only or video application for final approval
Doubles - Professional category winners and runner ups only or video application for final approval
Female - Professional category winners, runner up and third positioning of recognised national championships - Closed semi finals for Professional females, on Saturday 11th April 2015 in Beijing



Fang Yi - CHINA - Automatic entry to finals, host nation champion
Polina Volchek - RUSSIA - Automatic entry to finals, as WPSF London 2014 Runner Up
Tatyana Gordiyenko - UKRAINE - Automatic entry to finals, as WPSF London 2014 2nd Runner Up
Valeria Bonalume - ITALY
Lorna Walker (Thomas) - UNITED KINGDOM
Anna Chigarina - RUSSIA
Natalia Meshcheriakova - RUSSIA
Charlotte Robertson - UNITED KINGDOM
Ekaterina Guseva - RUSSIA
Radmila Aitova - UKRAINE
Olena Kravchenko - UKRAINE
Hanna Antonova - UKRAINE
Jacinta Diamonds - AUSTRALIA
Florencia Bustos - ARGENTINA
Galina Musina - RUSSIA
Alejandrina Iurleo - ARGENTINA
Zhanna Mahlysh - BELARUS
Erika Thomspon - BRAZIL
Marina Monastyrskaya - RUSSIA
Luo Linlin - CHINA


Lisette Krol & Terri Walsh - IRELAND
Kat Bailey & Danielle Haynes - UNITED KINGDOM
Olga Gordienko & Galina Konkova - RUSSIA
Hanna Antonova & Andrij Kopynyak - UKRAINE
Kayleen Ortiz & Emmanuel "Duds" Ignacio - PHILIPENNES
Sun Wenzhu & He Bi - CHINA


Kristian Lebedev - RUSSIA (2014 Mens World Champion)
Michael Donohoe - IRELAND
Andrij Kopynyak - UKRAINE
Egor Churakov - RUSSIA
Felipe Mendoza - CHILE
Dimitry Politov - RUSSIA
Wu Xin - CHINA
Ke Hong - CHINA



WINNER: Dimitry Politiv - RUSSIA
2nd: Felipe Mendoza Perez - CHILE
3rd: Ke Hong - CHINA


WINNER: Lisette Krol and Terri Walsh - IRELAND
2nd: Hanna Antonova and Andrii Kopyniak - UKRAINE
3rd: Kayleen Ortiz & Emmanuel 'Duds' Ignacio - PHILLIPINES


WINNER: Galina Musina - RUSSIA
2nd: Polina Volchek - RUSSIA
3rd: Anna Chigarina - RUSSIA