Heir To The Chrome 2015 - 04/10/15

Heir to the Chrome is a National Championship run by Daniel Rosen & Mitch Gibbens in Milton Keynes UK. This year is was won by Ireland's own Marcin Miller. Marcin has been going from strength to strength as an aerial performer over the past few years also winning at Pole Theatre in Dublin last April. Marcin is an instructor at Tribe Aerial Studio in Dublin and also works as manager of Medicus Medical Centre.

The Heir To The Throne Competition was held in 'The Venue' in Milton Keynes on 4th of July. It is the newest addition to performing arts and theatre in Milton Keynes.

Judges on the night were Felicity Logan, Stacey Snedden, Sarah Scott, Donna Gant & Pippa Loveridge.

The competition is open to any pole fitness/dance competitor 18 years and above based anywhere in the British Isles. Places were awarded based on video entry.

Heir to the Chrome 2015 RESULTS

Performer Winner - Eleonora Guantini
Intermediate Winner - Alice Freeman
Intermediate Runner-Up - Lauren Currie
Advanced Winner - Anna Louise
Advanced Runner-Up - Cheryl Teagann
Professional Winner - Marcin Miller
Professional Runner-up - Rebecca Plume
Doubles/Groups Winners - Hazel & Dave Roberts
Doubles/Groups Runners-Up - APNA Dancers
Judges Choice - Chloe Shevchuk

Pole King - Marcin Miller
Pole Queen - Anna Louise

Quote From Marcin's FB 5 July at 12:07:

WTF !!! I really won Professional Category and Pole King at Heir To The Chrome 2015... WOW !!! I can't believe it... Had so much fun performing yesterday and didn't expect that this will happen !!! and I didn't break my legs. Lisette Krol Thank You so much for sharing your talent, for being an amazing Friend, without you it wouldn't be possible !!! Love you !!!
Daniel and Mitch well done !!! You made Amazing job... such a fantastic competition!!! Congratulations!!! See you next year!!!
The Awsome juges Stacey, Sarah, Donna, Felicity, Pippa Thank you so much
Fionnuala Thank you for the amazing costume...
Sinead, Crystal, my Tribe family and all my Friends thank you for your support...
Congratulations to all competitors we are all Winners!!! Hope to see you all next year !!! ?#?HTTC? - at The Venue MK