TAIPDC 2015 - 19/09/15

The All Ireland Pole Dancing Championships celebrated it's tenth anniversary this year. The event took place in Mandella Hall in Belfast on Saturday 19th of September. Year on year this competition becomes more popular and ever more competitive. This year was no different!

The judges were Annie Norris Sally-ann Giles & Danny Charge.

This years finalists chosen from video entry were:

Ciara Woodbyrne
Laura Hatchell
Ella Lockhart
Patti Hynes
Ludwika Balinska
Jennifer Dempsey
Gemma Kirvill
Leah Aftab
Kelly O'Neill

Female Professional
Claire Higgins
Leanne Cummins
Linzi Thompson
Jenni Barr
Sarah O'Reilly
Kathleen Doherty
Sinead Doran

Male Solo
Joe Jbara
Adain Cairns
Gary Cairns
Dawid Skowronek
Micheal Donohoe
Marcin MIller
Stephen McMahon

Over 40s
Patricia Taylor
Dee Cairns
Magz O'Neill
Susan Nolan

Seanin Ward & Emma White
Tanya Cheung & Olivia Doogan
Amanda Moose & Carly Magill
Nikki Sterritt & Ciera Freeburn

The winners this year were:

Female Solo Pro
1st Leanne Cummins
2nd Linzi Thompson
3rd Sarah O'Reilly

Male Solo Pro
1st David Skowronek
2nd Michael Donohue
3rd Gary Cairns

1st - Seanin Ward & Emma White
2nd - Nikki Sterritt & Ciera Freeburn
3rd - Amanda Moose & Carly Magill

Over 40's
1st - Susan Nolan
2nd - Dee Cairns
3rd - Magz O'Neill

1st - Laure Hatchell
2nd - Leah Aftab
3rd - Ella Lockhart

It was a fantastic and enjoyable night for everyone involved. Please read the news articles below for the full story and take a look at competitor videos.

Some Quotes From Facebook:

Dave Skda feeling thankful - Male solo Pro 1st

I still can not believe I won... but don't worry, when i won last night, i felt very happy but i didn't expect to take first place, hoping for second or third as my routine didn't go as good as i wanted to. Hmmm about the event... The All Ireland Pole Dance Championship last night was just absolutely wonderful evening. I have to say it was amazing, full of incredibly talented people, fantastic routines, extra ordinary audience. It was really nice to meeting some new and old friends. I think everybody who took part in this competition last night is a BIG WINNER for me. All of us are Amazing! Big thank you to El Fegan for organizing the whole fantastic event, to the incredible judges the strong Danny Charge, sexy as hell Sally-Ann Giles and the gorgeous Annie Norris, to all the contestants for great time last night, to the beautiful hostess Catriona Trena Murphy , to Wink and Sarah Wink McClymont for my gold costume! Of course I can not forget about my amazing studio D&N Mafia Fitness Dance Studio, my business partner Nikki Mafia, Fiona Trainor, David Johnson Fioravantti and Yukari Rod for being with me this evening, my wonderful friends and students which were giving me so much strength and a lot of support, they were always there when i needed them, did not let me give up when I felt like ! Love you all!

Lisette Krol feeling proud with Susan Nolan and 13 others at Tribe Fitness Dance Studio - Owner of Tribe and guest performer

The All Ireland rocked it last night! Wowwwwww!!!! X
Congrats to all the winners, competitors, organizers & performers. El Fegan you legend! Trena - nice bum! X lol
So happy to see my TRIBE representing on stage, backstage hard-workers and beautiful people! Love you Sinead, Claire, Marcin, Patti & Susan who won over 40's! Proud mama! Thanks to our Tribe cheerleaders for coming all the way! X
Ps: love our three HOT judges x
No rest training hard in Tribe! Yay! Xxx

Catriona Trena Murphy - Compere and owner of Pole Fitness Gorey

SORRY!!!! I don't even know where to start about the All Ireland Pole Dance Championships last night! I feel like I'm gonna BURST with all the love I have for pole dance!! What an EPIC night!!!
I won't start tagging people because I wouldn't know when to stop!
I will tag you, El Fegan, you LEGEND!! I love you (and your bum! Jeeeeeesus!!!!) Thank you for trusting me again to be your compere! It's an HONOUR!!! And thank you for my amazing gift!! Well done to absolutely EVERYONE last night! I am so overwhelmed by the talent I saw on that stage!
Thank you all for making my job so frickin' easy and for listening to me talking rubbish while the judges were doing their job!!
I had an amazing time on that stage!!#SoMuchLove

Deirdre Cairns - 2nd Over 40 and owner of Dee's BarBelles

Well sorry but you knew it would be coming here goes!
TAIPDC 2015 was truly amazing last night the atmosphere backstage was electric with everyone mixing in and having the craic and it was fantastic to see so many of our pole friends again but its nothing compared to the buzz from the hall itself the audience were fabulous getting behind every competitor and really spurring them on ( I'm still deafened from each time BarBelles were mentioned lol ) Catriona Trena Murphy you are the epitome of the perfect host with your fantastic sense of humour and sexy as hell figure you made the whole night run so smoothly alongside Martine Mallon and Rochelle Moore making sure everyone was on stage when they should be.The pole cleaners again were absolute troupers and did an amazing job.

It has been a long ass haul over the past 6 months with constant competing, performances, shows, dance crews, birthday parties, dropping Ryan in Germany and Lianna being admitted to hospital and I'm truly exhausted I thank all my family and friends for your support throughout especially when I've had a meltdown but you know what, 10 days in a hospital ward really makes you appreciate what's important in life.

We come away with a second place and 2 third places which I'm absolutely delighted with but its nothing in comparison to being on stage at the end of the night with my phenomenal pole family and my just as amazing dance crew where we rocked the shit out of the half time performance and looking down into the crowd and seeing so many of my family and friends smiling up at us.

El thank you so much for inviting us to perform and for another fantastic competition it was certainly a night to remember xx

Laura Hatchell with Terri Fierce and 3 others - 1st Amateur

**Warning OTT emotional status update** Anyone that saw my face last night has an idea how shocked I was to place 1st in the amateur section of TAIPDC 2015! It was such an honor to share the stage with such amazing, strong, talented people. I'm completely overwhelmed by the support I've gotten from my family and friends and thank you so much to the people who made the long trek to support us! The event wouldn't have even been possible without the huge amount of work from the amazing organizer El, not to mention all the people that helped make it a great night such as our HOT compere Catriona Trena Murphy. Mostly though I'm so grateful to be a part of such a supportive and positive industry and I love having the chance to be a part of something that showcases the beauty of pole. I couldn't have done any of it without the amazing support of my Spin and Fierce pole families, love you all and can't wait to get back training!! Huge thanks also to Fi Bourke for her beautiful addition to my costume and my fave hairdresser Claire Kelly (Minx HairandBeauty) for doing a great job with my hair and giving me one less thing to worry about xxx

If you want to see some more routines from the night please check out the facebook page: