Flow Fitness covers a variety of fitness classes. All instructors are fully qualified professionals. Classes are taught in a friendly, professional environment. Our aim, is to get you the fitness results you desire, no matter what your fitness level currently is. All courses are suitable for both men and women from the age of 18 years and upwards.
Flow Fitness was founded by Aoife Byrne, one of the original owners of the successful Pole Fitness school, Twirl. Aoife has 10+ instructing Pole Fitness with a background also in dance and martial arts. All of the instructors at Flow Fitness follow Aoife's drive for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Pole Fitness gives a full body workout. Taught by our qualified instructors, no muscle will escape this workout! Our 8-week courses will lead to an overall toned physique with stronger flatter abs, toned arms and buttocks, and an increase in flexibility. Each class starts with an aerobic warm-up which improves cardio and stamina.
Once 'Course 1' is complete, Spinning Pole will be introduced to each class. The addition of Spinning Pole will improve co-ordination, better hand grip and improve body control on the pole.
All courses run over a period of 8 weeks, classes are one hour long sessions, held once a week.
Taster classes are held on a regular basis. They are one hour long sessions, recommended for those unsure of what Pole Fitness is all about.