Foxy.P.Cox from Cork. has been doing pole fitness for about 8 years, she started teaching pole fitness 6 years ago after doing aVerticle Dance Pole Course. She teaches a variety of classes for all levels in Pole Fitness & Dance, Burlesque, Feather Fans, and Flexibility.

Pole Fitness & Dance:
Each hour long class entails a 10 min warm up and cool down essential to the body. The warm up includes mobility, pre stretch with some strength and conditioning exercises to help build muscle. The cool down uses stretches specific to the areas most used in the session to get a general all over body stretch. The body of each class entails learning spins, transitions, floor work, climbs and inversions.

These classes are 1hr long and entail a mobility warm up wth functional stretches with a focus on spilts and backbends. Sometimes using partnered and PNF stretching techniques while concentrating on breathing.

We try to cover a little bit of everything in our 1 hr burlesque class from classic to neo, bump & grind, strip tease, feather fan and chair dancing. Learn the peels, pin-up poses and show girl style! We can help you discover your groove and create your character while perfecting your stage presence.

She also runs a bi-monthly show called the Peacock Parlour encompassing a variety of local and international performers of Burlesque, Acro Pole, Cabaret and Circus. She also currently regularly performs with Jerry Fish and the Electric Sideshow, The Art Crimes Band and Prohibition Events. Previous affiliations include The Burlesque and Cabaret Social Club 2010-2014, Dr. Sketchy's 2010-2014.

She competed in Miss Burlesque Ireland in 2014 and ranked in the final 5. In 2015 she was one of the judging panel for Miss Burlesque Ireland 2015. Other competitions she has competed in and judged have been The Dublin Burlesque Festival 2012 winner of Best Troup and audience choice awards alongside Terri Fierce and Lisette Kroll, Judging panel 2013, Ms/Mr Gay Tipperary judge 2013, Miss Pride winner 2013 judge 2014, Pole Theatre Ireland judge 2014.