A combination of sensual pole dance, 5-Rhytms (movement meditation), pilates, yoga, therapy, dance and love into a unique workout to heal and strengthen your body & soul.

This therapy dance workout is for you if you are a woman of any size and age and if:

- you really want to learn how to accept and love your body and yourself the way you are
- you want to embrace the sensual dancer in you and learn to dance from your heart
- you want to awake the inner goddess by building your strength, femininity and sexuality (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)
- you want to liberate you feminine side, your sensuality and sexuality from shame and other unpleasant feelings
- you want to build self-confidence, self-love and connect deeper to yourself
- you want to connect with other amazing women like you and become a part of the supportive group

You can't be too old or not fit enough for Pole Dance Therapy. The way you are is just perfect to join us!

The class starts with a short meditation (body awareness, observing our body, mind and emotions) and warm up exercises that are building our strength, teach us sensual movement and allow our muscles to stretch and prepare for dancing. After that we are learning sensual moves on the pole, wall and the floor and then we dance. So you get the chance to explore the movement, connect to the music, and just enjoy because nobody is watching. We end the class with 15 min of yoga poses for stretching. This would be the basic layout, but the class is evolving according to the group needs so sometimes we add 5-Rhytms - movement meditation or Core Energetics exercises, just to name some of them.

These classes are different from other Pole Dance or Pole Fitness classes. Our main goal is to teach you how to really accept and love yourself, the way you are, to boost your self-confidence and to liberate your sensuality through dance, introspection (contemplation questions & exercises), positive influence, support, acceptance and love. But we also do acrobatics, work out and have a lot of fun! :)

Every couple of months we have Goddess a party with performances, where every single woman is being celebrated in presenting her inner goddess to the other girls. Every participant is being prepared for that moment as long as it is necessary. Because it is of the huge importance for every woman to awaken her inner goddess and to allow that beautiful and unique energy to fill her life and bring a beautiful resource into her being. Parties are a lot of fun, you get to meet the other girls, dance and wear some "hot" clothes (if you want to).

Classes are from 7 to 9pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (XXLadies) and the price is E100 per month for 2 hours weekly (E11 per hour approx).